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A. Parliamentary Websites

This website provides links to the homepage of every national Parliament in the world.

B. Legislation Online

This website provides access to international norms and laws regarding various topics, such as migration, citizenship and freedom of assembly. It also provides links to various countries’ constitutions and criminal codes.

C. Parliament (UK)

This site is a good source of information about the British House of Commons, House of Lords, Parliamentary Committees and Bills and Legislation.

D. Library of Congress (US)

A searchable database of bills and legislation from the US Congress, as well as links to the US Supreme Court, Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

E. National Conference of State Legislatures (US)

This website is a good source of information regarding state legislatures, the current policy issues, state and federal committee work and recent bills.

F. Political Database of the Americas

This website offers information about political institutions in the Americas, including electoral systems, political parties, constitutional comparisons and more.