International Legal Research Databases


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A. British and Irish Legal Information Institute: BAILI...

BAILII provides free access to British and Irish Case Law and Legislation and other legal information. It also provides information on General European Union Case Law

B. Commonwealth Legal Information Institute: CommonLii

CommonLii provides free access to Cases and Decisions from Commonwealth countries and Common Law jurisdictions

C. USA - FindLaw: Cases and Codes

Findlaw’s cases and codes section contains USA state and federal judicial decisions and general legal resources

D. Law Library of Congress

The Law Library of Congress provides a database of US Legal Research Resources

E. Harvard Law School Library Legal Research Database

Harvard’s Law School Library Website provides a database of USA Case Law resources

F. NYU Law International Legal Databases

A comprehensive database of Foreign and International Legal databases on various areas of law

G. Australasian Legal Information Institute: AUSTLII

AUSTLII provides a comprehensive database of Australian, New Zealand and other Australasian Case Law and Legal Resources

H. World Legal Information Institute: WorldLII

WorldLii contains a database of Foreign and International case law, legislation and Legal Research Resources