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Constitutional Law of Canada, 9th Ed.
(vol. I – Federalism and Aboriginal Peoples) was released September 2007. A sample chapter is available on this website.

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  Professor Magnet is the author of eighteen books.

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Constitutional Law

Find general information on Canadian constitutional law and specific information on courses taught by Professor Joseph E. Magnet at the University of Ottawa.

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Professor Joseph E. Magnet

This website was conceived by Professor Joseph E. Magnet, a professor of law at the University of Ottawa.

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I. British Columbia Terms of Union, 1871

This site contains the full text of the Act which established the province of British Columbia.

C. The Constitutional Act, 1791

This site contains the full text of the British document The Constitutional Act, 1791 which altered the governance of Quebec to accommodate the large number of English settlers.

E. Global Legal Resources (

A good general legal resource including lawyer directories, legal articles and law guides for US and international law.

B. The Quebec Act, 1774

This site contains the full text of the Quebec Act, 1774 – an important pre-Confederation constitutional document outlining the procedures for the governance of the province of Quebec.

Constitution Acts, 1867 and 1982

This site contains an unofficial version of the full text of the Constitution Act 1867 and the Constitution Act 1982 (including the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms).

Constitutional documents (Solon Law Archive)

This site provides links to the full text of many Canadian constitutional documents as well as links to documents predating Confederation and documents relating to the development of the provinces.

C. Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLii)

CanLii provides free access to Judicial and administrative tribunal decisions as well as statutes and regulations for federal and provincial jurisdictions

Constitutional Documents and Information (Thomson-Nelso...

This site contains information about the Constitution, constitutional amendments and other relevant topics.

O. Constitution Act, 1930

This site contains the full text of the Act which gave BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan certain rights over natural resources in federally-controlled land.

B. The Victoria Charter (1971)

This site contains the text of the Victoria Charter, which was a failed attempt to amend the Constitution (including proposals to entrench a bill of rights, to safeguard linguistic and cultural rights, to patriate the Constitution and to create a constitu ...

A. Constitutional proposals

This site contains information about and links to various proposals to amend the Constitution, as well as links to committee reports about constitutional amendment proposals.