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I. Constitutional Forum Journal

An open-access journal published by the University of Alberta containing commentary on topics of Canadian and international constitutional importance.

Government of Canada Publications

This site contains all the publications of the Government of Canada that are publically available.


Provincial and Territorial Legislatures

This site contains links to all the provincial and territorial legislatures of Canada.


Library and Archives Canada Index

This site provides an index of Canadian archived documents.


A. British and Irish Legal Information Institute: BAILI...

BAILII provides free access to British and Irish Case Law and Legislation and other legal information. It also provides information on General European Union Case Law

A. Canadian Law List (Lawyers)

This website provides listings of law firms and lawyers all over Canada.

University of Toronto Library – Provincial Statistics

This site lists online provincial statistical profiles including provincial government sites. It also includes many other online statistics resources divided by subject.


A. Constitution Finder

This site contains links to the constitutions of countries from around the world. Note: not all links are to official versions of the documents.


G. EISIL (Electronic Information System for Internation...

This site provides a database of authenticated primary and other materials across the full spectrum of international law, organized by subject.


A. Canadian Federal Consolidated Acts - Statutes

This site provides an official consolidation, or updated version, of the Federal Acts

I. Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island – Trial Divisi...

The Trial Division of the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island deals with pre-trial matters and hears civil and criminal cases in addition to summary conviction appeals from Provincial Courts

B. Constitutions of EU Member States and Candidate Coun...

This site provides links to the full text of the constitutions of European Union member states and candidate countries.


C. International Legal Research Tutorial

This is a tutorial/research guide designed to teach students strategies and methodologies for researching print and electronic sources of international legal materials.


D. Israeli Government Portal

This site provides links to information on the history and government of Israel and to all of the Government Ministries as well as important Israeli institutions (e.g. Bank of Israeli, State Comptroller and Ombudsman, etc.).

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