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Canadian Goverment Info on the Internet

This site is a starting point for Canadian government research.

Canadian Government Internet Addresses

This site contains links to various Canadian federal government agencies.

Government of Canada Publications

This site contains all the publications of the Government of Canada that are publically available.


This site is a research tool to find information about the Parliament of Canada including information on the progression of bills, the text of major speeches at second reading and backgrounders for government bills.

Library and Archives Canada Index

This site provides an index of Canadian archived documents.

Provincial and Territorial Legislatures

This site contains links to all the provincial and territorial legislatures of Canada.

Provincial Statistics

This site contains tables of statistics compiled by Statistics Canada and organized by province.

University of Ottawa Government Information Search Engi...

This site contains a search engine for all municipal, provincial and federal publications in Canada. It also includes databases to search for United Nations documents, European Union documents, foreign government documents and international organization d ...

University of Toronto Library – Provincial Statistics

This site lists online provincial statistical profiles including provincial government sites. It also includes many other online statistics resources divided by subject.