Proposals for Constitutional Change

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A. Constitutional proposals

This site contains information about and links to various proposals to amend the Constitution, as well as links to committee reports about constitutional amendment proposals.

B. The Victoria Charter (1971)

This site contains the text of the Victoria Charter, which was a failed attempt to amend the Constitution (including proposals to entrench a bill of rights, to safeguard linguistic and cultural rights, to patriate the Constitution and to create a constitu ...

C. The Meech Lake Accord (1987)

This site contains the text of the Meech Lake Accord, another failed attempt at constitutional amendments (including recognizing Quebec as a distinct society within Canada, and granting the provinces more power).

D. The Charlottetown Accord (1992)

This site contains the Consensus Report on the Constitution outlining a series of proposed amendments to the Constitution. The Charlottetown Accord was defeated after failing a public referendum in 1992.

E. The Calgary Framework (1997)

This site contains the full text of the Calgary Framework: a 7-point declaration agreed to by 9 Premiers (excluding Quebec’s) for further discussions on the Constitution.