International Links


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A. Bayefsky

Searchable site that contains links to UN Human Rights Treaties and information concerning the application and monitoring of these treaties.

B. United Nations Human Rights Online

The site contains information about the various UN bodies and the Human Rights work they do. You can also access reports, ICJ decisions, press releases, etc.

C. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Link to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

D. OSCE Human Rights Activities

OSCE addresses a wide range of security concerns, including human rights issues. The site contains a library and databases with various journals and documents about human rights specifically relating to the EU

E. Human Rights Watch

HRW investigates and prepares reports on human rights violations around the world. Through this link you can access all of HRW’s publications that are searchable by issue and/or by country.

F. Amnesty International

This site contains articles based on missions undertaken by Amnesty and reports on human rights abuses that are filed by country and issue.

G. Activities of the European Union, Human Rights

This site describes the various EU institutions, bodies and Commissions. It contains links to various European Union legislation on Human Rights.

H. OECD – Evaluation and Resource Centre Human Rights

This site focuses on development and its link to Human Rights. Contains evaluation reports and briefs.

I. Duhaime’s LawMag

Searchable site containing links to various international conventions, articles, dictionaries, etc.