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Constitutional Law of Canada, 9th Ed.
(vol. I – Federalism and Aboriginal Peoples) was released September 2007. A sample chapter is available on this website.

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  Professor Magnet is the author of eighteen books.

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Research Resources

Need help finding an answer? This website provides a comprehensive list of the best legal collections online.

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Constitutional Law

Find general information on Canadian constitutional law and specific information on courses taught by Professor Joseph E. Magnet at the University of Ottawa.

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Professor Joseph E. Magnet

This website was conceived by Professor Joseph E. Magnet, a professor of law at the University of Ottawa.

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United Kingdom

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A. Constitutional Law Research Briefings

A searchable database of research briefings produced by the Libraries of the House of Commons and House of Lords.

B. English Bill of Rights, 1689

This website contains the full text of the Bill of Rights, 1689.

C. House of Lords Judgments

This website contains links to judgments of the law lords delivered between Nov 1996 and July 2009, instructions on how to access the Archives for House of Lords judgments before 1996 and a link to BAILII to access other case law.

D. Magna Carta, 1215

This is a British Library website with information about the context and history of the Magna Carta, the people involved in its creation, the original Latin text and an English translation of it.

E. The Supreme Court

This site contains a database of Supreme Court decision and information about the Court, its procedures and its Justices. The Supreme Court has been the final court of appeal for civil cases in the UK since July 31st, 2009.

F. United Kingdom Parliament

The website of the UK Parliament features sections about the House of Commons, House of Lords and Bills & Legislation of the UK (see the QuickLinks on the right)as well as other government news and business.