Administrative Law

Course Description 

Administrative Law elaborates the legal system’s impact on public administration and explains how public officials exercising public power become accountable in the courts.

Students will learn the requirements public officials must observe when exercising power. Students will explore the rights individuals may claim when exposed to public processes that affect them.

Administrative Law focuses on judicial review of administrative action, particularly:

  • administrative procedure, including the right to notice and comment prior to the exercise of administrative power; the right to a transparent administrative process;  the right to have an unbiased and impartial decision maker; and the right to have administrative decisions justified;
  • standards courts observe when reviewing administrative action; and
  • standards courts observe when determining whether administrative decisions are reasonable.

Most classes are interactive. All students will be asked to participate actively to enhance learning.

Course Objectives
  1. To familiarize students with judicial review of administrative action;
  2. To introduce students to statutes relating to judicial review, and to the jurisprudence and
    academic literature which expound the law of judicial review;
  3. To introduce students to trends and emerging issues in administrative law;
  4. To introduce students to techniques for identifying administrative law issues; and
  5. To introduce students to methods of analysis which implicate administrative law in
    resolving legal problems.